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As women we have the capacity to invite in another and to nurture, incubate and facilitate the birthing of new life in many ways. We are biologically physically and emotionally wired to create space for another and it is often hard for us to give ourselves permission to remember and reclaim our own space , our own lives, and our own unique creativity. Tatiana Shuttleworth has been working with families, couples, and children since 1988 in both NHS and private settings. She is a mother of three daughters, a step mother to two sons and a grandmother of 9 grandchildren !!! Personally and professionally she is deeply passionate about creating community to support the healing potential of relationship and to create the conditions that maximise our potential to come into relationship with, understand and heal the intergenerational and soul wounds that we carry. Tatiana has been running women's weekends, workshops, retreats and ongoing groups since 2002 and is passionate about creating space for reflection and time out for women to nurture themselves and discover who we most fully are and can be in the world as women today.



In speaking with so many people attempting to navigate their way through these extraordinarily challenging yet potentially transformative times, it has become increasingly clear how important it is to create structures that can really help to hold, sustain, and guide us on both an individual and collective level.

However much we may have thought we were open to living with uncertainty, to letting go of the known, and to the discovery of new potential within each moment, there is an undercurrent of profound existential fear that continues to create a powerful defence against real feelings of grief or terror and the necessity for change. This time has left many of us feeling increasingly isolated, attempting to find our ground and make sense of all that is going on.

Whilst we all knew, at some level, that the way we were living may have been unsustainable - for us, our relationships, and the planet, there is, individually and collectively, a huge pull to be able to return to 'normal' and to go back to living our lives as we always had done before ... The longing for that is completely understandable, and it has become clear how utterly terrifying it is for many to feel that this might not be possible and to really feel able to step into being in the powerful sea of uncertainty that transformation invites us into.

With all this in mind, during this year we would like to create a vessel in which we can all risk leaving the safety of the harbour we are in to journey out into the sea of uncertainty, with Intent as a beacon to light our way, the 4 shields to help us navigate, and nature to guide us.

With this in mind we will be offering the opportunity for medicine walks in nature, grief tending rituals, sweat lodges, and fire ceremonies.

For more information got to Nature Ceremonies Rituals Or contact Tatiana.

Women's group

Facilitator. Tatiana Shuttleworth.

Weekend Dates for 2022

March 12th and 13th
July 9th and 10th. With Nicky Marshall.
November 26th and 27th.

Finding Self.

Facilitator. Tatiana Shuttleworth. and Jill Kettle.

Weekend Dates for 2022

22nd and 23rd January
5th and 6th February.