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Couple therapy

True intimacy at the level of the heart has become unusual, as the cultural norm encourages people to find satisfaction in materialism and short term gains. In a throw away culture there is often little time to focus on the meaning of the cracks that appear as symptoms in the relationship.

In this day and age the pressures of life and the loss of the closeness of "village" life leaves couples adrift from the support of the community. The struggle to face the challenges and realise the full potential of what it can mean to be in a fully committed relationship, are very hard to process in isolation. Loving relationships will enevitably mirror the deep issues that each individual brings from their past, and at time2relate, we believe that there are great benefits to be gained in sharing the intimacy of the struggle, the challenges, and the joys, that commitment in long term relationships can bring.

We offer to work as a couple with couples. Our different approaches come together to create a very safe, creative, and holding context for the therapy work. We have found that working together in this way has proven to be highly effective and can often yeild beneficial results for the couple very quickly. From time to time we also offer ongoing couple groups, intensive couple workshops, and gender therapy groups, as a way of reducing the islolation of couples, and to create a sense of community to support relationship. If you are interested in doing couple therapy or finding out more about the way we work and our fees, please go to contact.